Stuff For Writers

I’ve been into more non-fiction than fiction lately, so for those of you who are or who’d like to become writers, here are some resources.

1—Write Through the Roof

Write Through the Roof is a podcast where Australian author Madeleine D’Este interviews authors of all sorts and asks them questions, with the primary question being: what one thing took your writing to the next level?

2—Creating Your Author Brand

Creating Your Author Brand, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is about just that. Practical and practicable, there are tips for people in every section of the journey toward building an author brand. Taken primarily from blog posts on Kris’s Business Musings blog.

3—Closing the Deal on Your Terms

Closing the Deal on Your Terms, also by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is subtitled Agents, Contracts, and Other Considerations, and is a must-read for traditionally published authors and indie-publishers alike. It covers some of the ugly side of publishing, and it’s an eye-opener. Also taken from the above mentioned Business Musings.

4—The Copyright Handbook

The Copyright Handbook, by Stephen Fishman and published by Nolo Press, subtitled What Every Writer Needs to Know, is also a must-read. It’s a plain-language guide to copyright and while I’m still at the beginning of it, I’m finding it understandable.

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