Deadpool 2—Family and Lots of Death

Deadpool 2 movie poster
Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is a little hard to describe succinctly. Wade Wilson, Deadpool, is a super non-hero who finds himself suicidal after the death of the love of his life, but due to his mutant healing ability, he can’t die. The movie is funnier than it sounds. Also, like its predecessor, NOT for kids. Graphic violence and sex jokes abound.

1—They Kill Vanessa, Goddamnit

I liked Vanessa, she was well developed and fun. Even the beginning credits call out how cruel it was to kill her just as she and Wade were about to start a family. That doesn’t mean she’s absent from the movie—Wade keeps seeing her as he almost dies—but I still miss her.


The effects in the move are spectacular, in that I meant they are quite the spectacle. The fight scenes are well choreographed and really cool. The deaths of most the X-Force—Wade’s ragtag crew of mutant mercenaries and one guy who just showed up—get more and more ridiculous, and the effects are done well.

3—The Family Part

Ultimately, Deadpool 2 is a movie about redemption through found family. Heavy topic for such a screwball movie, but it works. Wade finds himself in prison, without his powers, but with a kid called Firefist, who has some serious issues—also, a cyborg from the future trying to kill him, but Wade keeps getting in the way.

Without Wade, Firefist makes friends with an even more dangerous mutant, and the two go off to the orphanage where Firefist was tortured in order for Firefist to kill the headmaster. Apparently, this sets Firefist on a path of slaughter and mayhem that leads the killer cyborg to try to kill him as a child. It’s up to Wade to save both Firefist’s life and soul. I told you this was a difficult movie to sum up succinctly.


Deadpool 2 is lots of fun, but you do have to have a dark sense of humor. Also, Domino, a mutant whose power is luck, is the coolest.

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