Ocean’s 8—Great Cast, Boring Plot

Ocean's 8 movie poster
Ocean’s 8

A group of thieves, led by conwoman Debbie Ocean, set out to steal a priceless necklace off the neck of a famous actress at the Met Gala. All-star cast led by Sandra Bullock.

1—Predictable Plot

When Debbie Ocean gets out of jail on parole, she sets about gathering a cast of criminals for the biggest heist of their lives. A heist that goes off without a hitch. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching Leverage reruns, but I was expecting something to go wrong at some point, and anticipated watching the criminals have to react on their feet. This is not what happened. There’s a few complications, but they get handled immediately, no alteration to the larger plan needed. Also, the title kind of gives away that an eighth person will unexpectedly join their ring.

2—Great Actresses Given Little to Do

Unfortunately, no one, not even Debbie Ocean, was given any real depth of character. I know this is partly because of the time limits of a film and the large cast, but I remember in the first film in the franchise, Ocean’s Eleven, that Danny Ocean at least had the depth to care for his ex-wife. Debbie…she just wants money and revenge, and that’s it. There’s nothing else to her. She misses her dead brother, but we aren’t given any real sense of mourning or that this is driving her actions. Everyone else is just as flat, and I didn’t find any of the characters or their motives sympathetic, with the possible exception of Daphne Kluger, but we don’t find out her motive until the end of the film.

3—Great Music

I enjoyed the music in Ocean’s 8. The original score was fun and set the mood for a heist film. The songs were all great and deployed at appropriate moments in the movie.


I was disappointed in Ocean’s 8, for its squandered potential as much as anything. There was no heart to it.

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