Some Girls Bite—Vampires Come Out of the Coffin and Into the Limelight

Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill book cover
Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Some Girls Bite, by Chloe Neill, is told from the first-person perspective of Merit, a newly minted vampire. Having been attacked by a rogue vampire and nearly killed, she was saved and changed by Master vampire Ethan Sullivan and now has to contend with a new and unexpected life.


Merit is having a hard time adjusting to her new life as a vampire—she was unimpressed when they came out to the public and shared their existence. Merit doesn’t want to be a vampire, which surprises Ethan Sullivan. She doesn’t want to be attracted to Ethan, who also doesn’t want to be attracted to her, but is. Merit doesn’t want to be kicked out of school, or to have to dress in formal black attire the entire time, or…the list goes on. And to top it off, the day she’s to swear allegiance to Ethan and Cadogan House is coming up fast—and Merit doesn’t know if she’s going to give her oath or become an outcast Rogue for the rest of her very, very long life.

2—Friends, Family, and Allies

On the plus side, Merit’s a powerful vampire, strong, fast, immune to glamour. And her best friend, who it turns out is a sorcerer, still loves her, as does her grandfather, who has secrets of his own. Merit’s father just doesn’t want her to embarrass him, but that’s nothing new. And another vampire, the second of House Navarre, wants to court Merit—I’m not sure how I feel about this guy. On the one hand he seems genuinely into Merit. On the other, this could be a long con. Merit never considers that possibility and there’s not much in the text to suggest it, I just don’t trust the guy.

3—The Dead Girls

Running throughout the book is the threat of the Rogue vampire who tried to kill Merit at the beginning of the book. There are several other girls who look like her killed along the way, and clues left at each crime scene framing the various vampire Houses. This isn’t a book about a serial-killer-vampire though, it’s a book about Merit adjusting to her new life. The conclusion of the mystery is a bit of a surprise, though, and nicely sets the series hook.


Some Girls Bite is an interesting introduction to a series I look forward to finishing.

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