About the Un-Book Reporter

The Un-Book Reporter is Kim Collins, a lifelong story addict. From the moment I could read I grabbed every book I could get my hands on. I love stories. They saved my sanity and fed my soul. Thus have I devoted my life to their study and as a student of the art of storytelling, I feel compelled to share my views with any and every person with the luck—good or bad—to be near me when my fervor—good or bad—has been ignited.

Though bashing a work can be fun, I mostly want to share the things I love. You’ll also be subjected to rants on my various pet peeves. I’d apologize for that if most people didn’t find them amusing—I admit a penchant for the dramatic.

Above all, I just want to share my passion for a uniquely human pastime and I hope you enjoy my thoughts on it.

Why a Blog Dedicated to Spoilers?

I don’t want to actually spoil anyone’s enjoyment of a story. But when I thought up this blog, I realized I wanted to just share my love of whatever story without worrying about watching my tongue…typing…you get the drift. I wanted to gush like I would with a friend.

Furthermore, there’ve been plenty of books (and movies and tv too) that I only got into because of the spoilers I read—mostly on TVTropes—and wanted to see that cool thing pulled off.

So if my spoilers get anyone interested in something I love, I’m a happy Un-Book Reporter.

Other Places to Find the Un-Book Reporter

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4 thoughts on “About the Un-Book Reporter

  1. Dear Kim,

    Hello there! I am also a great reader and sometimes am attracted to a movie or book by reading a full synopsis. Seeing that you have a “penchant for the dramatic,” I would like to invite you to join my upcoming blogathon!

    My name is Rebekah Brannan, and I’m one of the founders of the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society. This year, on September 23-25, I am hosting The Phantom of the Opera Blogathon. The blogathon will be dedicated to all adaptations, spin-offs, prequels, and sequels of the immortal tale The Phantom of the Opera! As devoted Phans, my sister, Tiffany and I could not let the 110th anniversary of the beginning of the original novel’s serialization in the newspaper Le Gaulois pass without some form of commemoration. I invite you to celebrate this event by joining The Phantom of the Opera Blogathon. While our blog is mainly devoted to movies, I would love to have you write about the original novel or one of the numerous phanfiction novels to be found on the internet!

    You can read the announcement here: https://pureentertainmentpreservationsociety.wordpress.com/2019/08/14/its-here-the-phantom-of-the-opera-blogathon/.

    I hope you will join us for this three-day celebration of all things phantasmic, and that you will advertise it on your blog using one of my dramatic banners!

    Thank you very much for your time!


    Rebekah Brannan


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