Yet More Tangential Links

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m still working on that doorstopper of a book, but I just forgot to watch a movie this week to review. So here are some more links to some of my favorite sites.

1—The Creative Penn 

The Creative Penn has an excellent blog and podcast. The podcast, which I’ve been working my way through in reverse chronological order, currently has over four-hundred casts, most of which are approximately one hour long. So a nice long listen. Continue reading “Yet More Tangential Links”

More Tangential Links

These are some of my favorite writing advice blogs.

1—Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University is a great place to get writing advice, with a nice list of subjects in the lefthand column, as well as a list of most popular posts. There are plenty of guest posts, and she also does a mini-series called Real Life Diagnostics where she diagnoses a real work in progress and answers the submitter’s questions. Continue reading “More Tangential Links”

Overly Sarcastic Productions—History, Myths, and All Kinds of Good Stuff

Overly Sarcastic Productions
Overly Sarcastic Productions

Overly Sarcastic Productions is a simply animated Youtube channel hosted by Red and Blue, who recap classic literature—like the Iliad and Beowulf and Paradise Lost—Shakespeare, legends and myths, and history in an informative and amusing way.

1—Trope Talks!

The first playlist I went through is Red’s Trope Talks! These are videos where Red talks tropes. Though she references on occasion, I don’t believe she’s affiliated with them. One of my favorite of these videos is Red’s take on Romantic Subplots—I totally agree with all her points. She also talks beginnings, Evil Empires, Paragons, the Five Man Band, and the Power of Friendship, to name a few. As of this writing, there are twenty-two videos in the Trope Talks! playlist. I plan to watch them all again when I get through the rest of Red and Blue’s videos, which currently number about two hundred. Continue reading “Overly Sarcastic Productions—History, Myths, and All Kinds of Good Stuff”

Some of the Un-Book Reporter’s Favorite Heroines

I find myself drawn to stories of girls and women who are clever and brave, and who make their own path. Likely because I seek and struggle to embody those qualities myself. This will be a short post, as I could go on forever if I don’t limit myself. So here are a handful of my favorite book heroines, in no particular order.

Aly—Daughter of the Lioness

All of the heroines in Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books fit the bill but Alinanne of Pirate’s Swoop most embodies cleverness. Aly is a quintessential guile hero, trained from the cradle in spycraft and chosen by a Trickster god. Said Trickster sweeps Aly off to the Kyprian Isles to be the last piece in a centuries-old game which is about to culminate in bloody rebellion. It isn’t easy to manipulate allies and enemies alike, much less from the position of slave girl, but Aly has her own tricks and games to play. Continue reading “Some of the Un-Book Reporter’s Favorite Heroines”

The Un-Book Report got a Liebster Award Nomination—It Sounds Like Fun

Liebster Award for the Un-Book Report, 2016
Liebster Award – discover new blogs!

So I got nominated for a Liebster Award by Blogferatu. I had to hide from the shock for a day, and then I actually read Blogferatu’s article on it and did a little research to find out what the Liebster Award is.

There are no judges and no one officially awards you a Liebster—getting nominated is getting it. So the way it works, more or less—as there is no official governing body there are no official rules—is that a blogger who gets nominated thanks the one who nominated them, and answers the eleven questions that blogger asked their nominees. Then the new winner nominates up to eleven other small blogs and asks their own questions.

I’ve already thanked Blogferatu in their comments, but do so again here—thanks Blogferatu! And I’m reposting my answer’s to his questions before going on to my own nominees and questions.

My Answers to Blogferatu’s questions:

Continue reading “The Un-Book Report got a Liebster Award Nomination—It Sounds Like Fun”

A Brief Collection of The UnBook Reporter’s Story Studying Resources

I need some more time before I’m back in full UnBook Reporting shape so tonight will be another short post tangentially related to my normal content. Still working on that project, and also changing antidepressants—things got bad enough during the previous two…three? weeks that I made an appointment to see my doctor.

Anyways, tonight I thought I’d share some of my favorite places online to research the all the elements that go into making a story.

Tvtropes—The Site That Formalized My Obsession

TvTropes Will Ruin Your Life and Your Vocabulary and I have happily embrace both forms of ruination. My first foray onto tvtropes was probably when I began officially studying story structure, character archetypes, genre conventions, and all the rest. I’ve always loved stories and found myself picking up on patterns, but tvtropes helped cemented my desire to actually study them. Seriously though, don’t even glance at that site unless you’ve got at least a solid three hours to spend down that rabbit hole. Continue reading “A Brief Collection of The UnBook Reporter’s Story Studying Resources”

Something a Little Different

I’ve got a big project taking all my energy and time right now but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing. So here’s a few links to some book review blogs I like. Hope you enjoy.

Books By Proxy

Books By Proxy has some fun “features” in addition to the reviews, such as Book Haul, Teaser Tuesday , Tough Traveling (inspired by Diana Wynne Jones’s Tough Guide to Fantasyland which is back in print!), amongst others. But my favorite feature is The Friday Face Off, where the author compares the different covers of a single book. Lots of fantasy books reviewed, and crime, historical fiction, and some scifi.

Girl Who Reads

Girl Who Reads has multiple writers and a variety of styles of post. Some are straight up reviews of a single book, others posts talk about a collection of books centered on some theme. Right now they’re about half through a series of articles called the #AtoZChallenge. All genres reviewed, including some non-fiction.

Lauren’s Bookshelf

Lauren’s Bookshelf is the newest addition to my collection of book reviewing sites. I’ve found the articles I’ve read so far insightful and well thought out. There are some author guest posts, and a good handful of genres reviewed, all of which categories are conveniently linked to at the top of the site.


I should be back with a normal review next week (I even have the show I want to do picked out and just one more episode to watch). Meantime, happy reading!

The Un-Book Reporter’s Thoughts on Book to TV and Movie Series Adaptions

Not a review this time, but my thoughts on a trend I’ve noticed in entertainment. Books have been getting adapted into movies since the beginning but lately I’ve noticed tv shows getting in on the action. The most obvious and prolific example would be all the comic books and super heroes getting their own shows, but if I start on those things I won’t get to anything else. So let’s start elsewhere.

1—Hallmark Channel Mystery Movie Series’s

When Hallmark channel started doing series’s of movies based on murder mysteries, I loved it and was so disappointed when they stopped. The Mystery Woman and Murder 101 series’s were my favorite but there were at least a few others (that I don’t remember right now). But recently Hallmark started making more, of new murder mystery series’s. The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries; Murder, She Baked; and the Flower Shop Mysteries are just some of the book series’s being adapted. I’ve been enjoying this new batch and hope Hallmark continues to produce them. Continue reading “The Un-Book Reporter’s Thoughts on Book to TV and Movie Series Adaptions”