Overly Sarcastic Productions—History, Myths, and All Kinds of Good Stuff

Overly Sarcastic Productions
Overly Sarcastic Productions

Overly Sarcastic Productions is a simply animated Youtube channel hosted by Red and Blue, who recap classic literature—like the Iliad and Beowulf and Paradise Lost—Shakespeare, legends and myths, and history in an informative and amusing way.

1—Trope Talks!

The first playlist I went through is Red’s Trope Talks! These are videos where Red talks tropes. Though she references Tvtropes.org on occasion, I don’t believe she’s affiliated with them. One of my favorite of these videos is Red’s take on Romantic Subplots—I totally agree with all her points. She also talks beginnings, Evil Empires, Paragons, the Five Man Band, and the Power of Friendship, to name a few. As of this writing, there are twenty-two videos in the Trope Talks! playlist. I plan to watch them all again when I get through the rest of Red and Blue’s videos, which currently number about two hundred. Continue reading “Overly Sarcastic Productions—History, Myths, and All Kinds of Good Stuff”

Reading About Other People Reading

My current reading obsessions are several erieses of articles on Tor.com. Here they are.

The Lovecraft Reread

A series of articles wherein “two modern Mythos writers get girl cooties all over old Howard’s original sandbox”. Rithanna Emrys and Anne M. Pillsworth summarize a story and the comment on it. Both ladies have great commentary on the cosmic horror stories. Continue reading “Reading About Other People Reading”

Something a Little Different

I’ve got a big project taking all my energy and time right now but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing. So here’s a few links to some book review blogs I like. Hope you enjoy.

Books By Proxy

Books By Proxy has some fun “features” in addition to the reviews, such as Book Haul, Teaser Tuesday , Tough Traveling (inspired by Diana Wynne Jones’s Tough Guide to Fantasyland which is back in print!), amongst others. But my favorite feature is The Friday Face Off, where the author compares the different covers of a single book. Lots of fantasy books reviewed, and crime, historical fiction, and some scifi.

Girl Who Reads

Girl Who Reads has multiple writers and a variety of styles of post. Some are straight up reviews of a single book, others posts talk about a collection of books centered on some theme. Right now they’re about half through a series of articles called the #AtoZChallenge. All genres reviewed, including some non-fiction.

Lauren’s Bookshelf

Lauren’s Bookshelf is the newest addition to my collection of book reviewing sites. I’ve found the articles I’ve read so far insightful and well thought out. There are some author guest posts, and a good handful of genres reviewed, all of which categories are conveniently linked to at the top of the site.


I should be back with a normal review next week (I even have the show I want to do picked out and just one more episode to watch). Meantime, happy reading!