More Anthologies

These are the most recent anthologies I’ve read.

1—Witch High

Edited by Denise Little

Stories set in Salem Township Public High School #4, they range from the humorous to the thoughtful, from scary to mournful. A truly diverse set of stories all linked by the common theme of witches in high school.

2—Naked City

Edited by Ellen Datlow

Another diverse collection this time under the common thread of urban fantasy, in the broadest sense of it. All the stories center on two things—cities and magic. Some are happy, some are haunting, and a few I just didn’t get but I still enjoyed.

3—Shadowed souls

Edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie L. Hughes

These are dark stories. Look for no happy endings here. Even the happy-ish endings are sad or otherwise bittersweet.These stories are about morally grey areas and people. Also magic. Where does the person leave off and the monster begin?

The Un-Book Reporter’s Four Favorite Podcasts So Far

Sorry to report that I’m still not feeling up to a normal UnBook Report. I’m still adjusting to the new meds and still in the middle of a massive project, and also it’s my birthday and my gift to myself was to just relax. But of course I don’t want to leave you with nothing, so I thought I’d share my new hobby—listening to podcasts. …Look, I’m slow to pick up on new things. The first two podcasts analyze stories and the second two are stories. I hope you find something new to enjoy.

Mythcreants Podcast—Geeky Conversation

If you read my last post, the Mythcreants should sound familiar. I love their articles and am loving their podcast just as much. I’m not very far in (there are 72 at time of writing) but the Mythcreants Podcast has been my go-to means of relaxing this last week; I listened to two today.

The Mythcreants podcast’s topics of discussion are as broad as the topics covered by their articles. I like the conversational nature between the three…authors? Narrators? I’m not sure of the correct terminology here. But listening to this podcast feels like I’m hanging out with friends. Because yes, this is the kind of stuff I discuss with my friends. What can I say? I’m a story-geek. Continue reading “The Un-Book Reporter’s Four Favorite Podcasts So Far”