The Tough Guide to Fantasyland—Fun and Funny

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones book
The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones

A “guidebook” by Diana Wynne Jones, the premise of The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (updated and Dark Lord Approved!) is that all fantasy novels take place in the same world. Entries cover tropes and cliches, such as food—it’s always stew—places such as nunneries (for sacking, with on survivor left); surmises on the ecology of Fantasyland, such as the lack of insects and preponderance of hares/rabbits, and the supposition that horses in Fantasyland breed via pollination.
In particular, I like the “Official Management Terms” such as calling magical ability Talent of Gift, or insistence on using the word “dwell”. Each chapter (which are alphabetical) starts with a completely random gnomic utterance, because that’s just how things are done in Fantasyland.
Everything from “Adept” to “Zombies” is covered and every entry is entertaining. Read in order or follow the “links” from one article to the next. If you like fantasy books then I recommend picking up the Tough Guide to Fantasyland. It’s a hoot.

A Brief Collection of The UnBook Reporter’s Story Studying Resources

I need some more time before I’m back in full UnBook Reporting shape so tonight will be another short post tangentially related to my normal content. Still working on that project, and also changing antidepressants—things got bad enough during the previous two…three? weeks that I made an appointment to see my doctor.

Anyways, tonight I thought I’d share some of my favorite places online to research the all the elements that go into making a story.

Tvtropes—The Site That Formalized My Obsession

TvTropes Will Ruin Your Life and Your Vocabulary and I have happily embrace both forms of ruination. My first foray onto tvtropes was probably when I began officially studying story structure, character archetypes, genre conventions, and all the rest. I’ve always loved stories and found myself picking up on patterns, but tvtropes helped cemented my desire to actually study them. Seriously though, don’t even glance at that site unless you’ve got at least a solid three hours to spend down that rabbit hole. Continue reading “A Brief Collection of The UnBook Reporter’s Story Studying Resources”