The Librarians Season 2—Characters Brought to Life

The Librarians Season 2 on TNT
The Librarians Season 2 on TNT

The second season of The Librarians focuses on character—both in the sense that we learn more about the main characters and see them evolve, and in the sense that the season’s main antagonists are “fictionals”—fictional characters brought to living reality. And it’s all a lot of fun.

1—The Blood of a Stone

I refuse to regret that pun. But on to Mr. Stone. Jacob Stone, good old boy and master of Art History and Architecture, is finally forced to confront his demons. Or rather, an demonic shapeshifter that feeds on lies forces him to confront the false life he’s constructed. Also, his alcoholic father. A father who’s never respected or listened to him, and whose acceptance and love Jake has craved all his life. Continue reading “The Librarians Season 2—Characters Brought to Life”

The Un-Book Reporter’s Thoughts on Book to TV and Movie Series Adaptions

Not a review this time, but my thoughts on a trend I’ve noticed in entertainment. Books have been getting adapted into movies since the beginning but lately I’ve noticed tv shows getting in on the action. The most obvious and prolific example would be all the comic books and super heroes getting their own shows, but if I start on those things I won’t get to anything else. So let’s start elsewhere.

1—Hallmark Channel Mystery Movie Series’s

When Hallmark channel started doing series’s of movies based on murder mysteries, I loved it and was so disappointed when they stopped. The Mystery Woman and Murder 101 series’s were my favorite but there were at least a few others (that I don’t remember right now). But recently Hallmark started making more, of new murder mystery series’s. The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries; Murder, She Baked; and the Flower Shop Mysteries are just some of the book series’s being adapted. I’ve been enjoying this new batch and hope Hallmark continues to produce them. Continue reading “The Un-Book Reporter’s Thoughts on Book to TV and Movie Series Adaptions”

The Generation V Series—Vampires Done Differently and Well

book cover of Generation V by M L Brennan
Generation V by M L Brennan

I love vampires so I’ve seen a lot of them, good, bad, and boring. And there are oh, so many boring, overdone vampire movies and books. Seriously, do not watch Twilight, not even to get the jokes—it was hands down the most mind-killingly BORING anything I’ve ever seen *shudders*. Fortunately, the Generation V series by M. L. Brennan restored my faith that something new could be done with vampires without stripping them of (intentional) horror. Let us explore.

1—A New Breed of Bloodsucker

Ok, I know it says “Beware of Spoilers” at the top of every page in this site, but seriously, this section has some massive spoilers. Fortitude Scott—Fort, our hero and first person POV narrator—has been kept much in the dark about his true nature and almost all of what I’ll say here was discovered over several books. So if you want to discover all this along with him, take my word that there’s some neat stuff done with the vampire mythology and go ahead and skip to the next section. Continue reading “The Generation V Series—Vampires Done Differently and Well”

Her Royal Spyness—A Fun First Outing

cover for Her Royal Spyness novel by Rhys Bowen
Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen

Her Royal Spyness is the first in Rhys Bowen’s Royal Spyness Mysteries series of novels. A light, fun romp through the underbelly of the upperclass of 1930s Britain.

1—The Build Up

Most of the first half of the book is build up, but I don’t mind—and in fact prefer. As Georgie—the heroine—isn’t a detective or any sort of investigator (yet), I’m glad the author takes the time to set things up. And there’s a lot to set up. The world—both in the sense of the time and place, and in the sense of Georgie’s social world as minor English royalty. All the pieces must be set on the board, so to speak—it wouldn’t be a mystery without plenty of suspects. And of course, the all important stakes, which gradually build until Georgie’s family home and reputation, and personal freedom, are at risk. Continue reading “Her Royal Spyness—A Fun First Outing”

Nimona—Essential Fantasy

Cover of Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona is a fantasy graphic novel by Noelle Stevenson and now a part of my list of essential fantasy reading (note: there is no actual list, it’s in my head…though I may have to start one now). Nimona started life as a webcomic. You can still read the first three chapters online at Noelle’s website, Gingerhaze. The remaining chapters have been taken down to, you know, get you to buy the book. Which I highly recommend. If you were listening to this post instead of reading it, I’d tell you to shield your ears. SQUEEEEEEEEAHHHhhhaaahahahaaaaaaMWAHAHAAAAAAAA! I love this book so much!

1—The Other Side of a Well-Known Story

Not any story in particular—Nimona is very much its own—but of so many stories. I know this story and I know these characters. The golden Hero, the Villain he routinely defeats but never kills. The back and forth, the banter, the weekly adventure…which we aren’t ever shown in the book itself because it’s unnecessary. That ground is so well trodden, the barest few hints are all that’s needed to walk me down it again. I can practically describe the narrative landscape in my sleep. But this story starts when that routine is disrupted by the appearance of a violent and chipper young shapeshifter into Lord Blackheart’s lair. And from there we get to see villainous side of it, not to mention a few others. Continue reading “Nimona—Essential Fantasy”