The Un-Book Reporter’s Four Favorite Podcasts So Far

Sorry to report that I’m still not feeling up to a normal UnBook Report. I’m still adjusting to the new meds and still in the middle of a massive project, and also it’s my birthday and my gift to myself was to just relax. But of course I don’t want to leave you with nothing, so I thought I’d share my new hobby—listening to podcasts. …Look, I’m slow to pick up on new things. The first two podcasts analyze stories and the second two are stories. I hope you find something new to enjoy.

Mythcreants Podcast—Geeky Conversation

If you read my last post, the Mythcreants should sound familiar. I love their articles and am loving their podcast just as much. I’m not very far in (there are 72 at time of writing) but the Mythcreants Podcast has been my go-to means of relaxing this last week; I listened to two today.

The Mythcreants podcast’s topics of discussion are as broad as the topics covered by their articles. I like the conversational nature between the three…authors? Narrators? I’m not sure of the correct terminology here. But listening to this podcast feels like I’m hanging out with friends. Because yes, this is the kind of stuff I discuss with my friends. What can I say? I’m a story-geek.

TV CRIMES—Wil Wheaton’s & Mikey Neumann’s Work of Podcast Justice

Whenever they can find the time, Wil Wheaton and Mikey Neumann get together online and discuss a horrible episode of some show they’d agreed to watch. They take notes. They make their closing arguments at the end of the episode as to what sentence the TV episode in question deserves. They begin with Wil reading an advertisement from a “sponsor” from whatever local pennysaver he has on hand. And it is all hilarious.

I’ve mentioned I’m switching meds, though I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it’s about depression. Another way I’ve recently started combatting my depression is by making a folder on my desktop of things that make me laugh out loud. Like, full on, full throated, laughter. A full four episodes of the current count of nine TV Crimes podcasts are in this folder. So yes, I recommend a listen. Also, the sound work is great.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour—An Old-Time Variety Show Using New-Time Media

The Thrilling Adventure Hour—which has sadly come to an end—is a product of Nerdist Industries. This is an anthology of stories done in the style of old radio shows, though with considerably more self-awareness than those old broadcasts likely had.

I’ve so far gone through all the Beyond Belief stories—they are the fan-favorite *clink*—and it is…well, beyond belief. Weird and irreverent and hilarious. And hard to describe. You’ll have to listen for yourself. The other show in the anthology I’m working through is Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars—that title should give you a good idea of what to expect. I’m looking forward to hearing one of the steampunk stories next.

Welcome to Night Vale—the Weirdest Town You’ll Ever Love

Welcome to Night Vale is even weirder and harder to describe than Beyond Belief. Cecil, a radio station announcer, is our guide to this odd place. A place where the sherif’s secret police are well known, there are occasional pterodactyl invasions, and the radio station has a floating cat for an office pet, not to mention an eldritch abomination for a boss. And sometimes a day of the week is canceled. There is an ongoing narrative, but damned if I know what it’s leading up to (I’m not very far in yet). But I do know I’m enjoying the hell out of the journey.

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