Ghostbusters (2016)—So Much Fun

Ghostbusters (2016) movie poster
Ghostbusters (2016)

I’m so glad my friend and I went to see the new Ghostbusters movie. For those who don’t know what the movie is about, the title is fairly self-explanatory. Four people banding together to research and trap ghosts.

1—It Was Funny

I won’t say too much here because the delivery is so important, but I enjoyed the jokes and situational comedy. One of my favorite things was the running gag with the wontons, and no I’m not going to explain it. You’ll have to watch the movie.

I also liked the way they handled the cameos from original Ghostbusters cast members. The humor of the new characters they play holds up on its own and isn’t dependent on knowing their original roles.

2—It Was Scary

Fucking. Mannequin. Enhanced by being in the midst of playing Silent Hill 2, admittedly. But that thing falls right into the uncanny valley. The possessed balloons are freaky too. I loved all the ghost designs though. And the intro sequence nicely sets the tone for the movie with its mix of scares and comedy.

3—It Was Awesome

All the gadgets Holtzmann came up with, and the hand-to-hand ghost fighting. The effects in this movie were spectacular. There’s ghost grenades, a ghost chipper (rest in pieces), bicycles blowing up. I could keep listing things but they really should be seen. Just as the soundtrack should be heard. My friend, and I’m paraphrasing, put it this way: the original Ghostbusters came out just as rap started and wasn’t very good yet, so it’s great to hear the Ghostbusters theme song redone with good rapping.

Then there’s the characters. Holtzmann’s new-digs dance and lighting of things on fire is a particular favorite, as is the “the power of Patty compels you” scene. And the technobabble, according to my same friend who’s more of a science nerd than I am, sounds more plausible than that in the original.

4—The Nitpicking

Firstly, I wish Holtzmann had gotten more development because she is awesome but a little two-dimensional. Secondly, Erin. While she undergoes the most character development, it’s still grating to see someone that desperate for attention and validation as she is in the first half of the movie. The other being the response to attraction to Kevin is kinda creepy, and speaks poorly to her as a person that it’s purely about his looks, nothing about him as a person. I hate it when it’s a man reacting that way to a woman and I still hate it when the genders are reversed.


The nitpicking in no way makes Ghostbusters an unenjoyable movie. I loved it and shall be watching it again.

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