Romancing the Werewolf—Sweet, Fluffy, and Mildly Angsty

Romancing the Werewolf by Gail Carriger book cover
Romancing the Werewolf by Gail Carriger

Romancing the Werewolf, a novella in the Parasolverse by Gail Carriger, follows the reunion of Biffy—newly minted Alpha of his werewolf pack—and Lyall—who’s been pack Beta for hundreds of years. This is a full-on romance, with a tiny bit of a mystery—who’s leaving infants on the doorstep pack’s new home and why? But mostly it’s Biffy and Lyall navigating their ways to their new relationship.

Note: no explicit sex scenes in this one, that stuff is under the author’s G. L. Carriger name.

Also note: I read this story as part of a limited-edition and out-of-print omnibus collection, Fan Service, but Romancing the Werewolf is available as a stand-alone.

1—A Love Both Old and New

When Lyall returns from twenty years’s service to another pack, so much has changed that now neither he nor Biffy is certain the other still wants him, and neither wants to take advantage of the other. They were lovers once, but under very different circumstances. On BIffy’s part, he’s not certain his new position as leader wouldn’t constitute a breach of ethics. On Lyall’s part, he doesn’t want to complicate Biffy’s life since Biffy is still learning to be a leader. It’s totally in character for both of them, and each’s worries and not wanting to impose on the other feels natural, rather than something contrived keeping them apart at the beginning. And since this is a novella, it’s not too long before they get together.

2—Mysteries Afoot

There’s the children being left on the pack’s doorstep, causing chaos just before Christmas. There’s also a new preacher in town, and the pack suspects he might harbor anti-supernatural sentiments—he is American—and a truly terrible waistcoat—again, American. I can’t say more without giving the whole subplot away. Just that it’s all handled in Ms. Carriger’s typically absurd manner, and I had fun.

3—Place in the Parasolverse

I think the novella stands alone if you just want a sweet, light-hearted Christmas romance with just a touch of violence. But if you’re a fan/reader of the Parasol Protectorate series , and wanted to see Biffy and Lyall get together, then you should be most satisfied.


Romancing the Werewolf is a definite comfort read. The first in the Supernatural Society novellas, I can’t wait to get to the next, Romancing the Inventor (also part of Fan Service and also available on its own). Highly recommended.

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