Hexes and Hemlines—Things Start Getting Complicated

Hexes and Hemlines book cover
Hexes and Hemlines

Hexes and Hemlines, by Juliet Blackwell, is a cozy mystery told in the first-person perspective of a witch who acts as the detective. Not part of the San Francisco Police Department—though she was asked to unofficially consult on this case, Lilly Ivory owns and operates a vintage clothing store.

1—Accidentally Breaking Things

When Lilly is called to weigh in on a murder victim surrounded by bad luck symbols—a broken mirror, a ladder in front of a doorway, black cat, etc—it sets off a series of events in the magical community. Apparently she’s broken some decades old pact between witches and Satanists not to get into each others’ business. As the murder victim was the son of the head of the Church of Satan, Lilly finds herself in deep trouble, trouble that will extend out to her friends.

2—Deepening the World

In the previous books we get a little into the magic but not really into the politics of the magical world, which Lilly actively tries to avoid. This time around we get some solid world-building as Lilly learns more about the local politics and political bodies.

We also learn more about Aiden, the witch version of the Godfather, and more about Lilly’s own past—specifically we learn what drove her out of her hometown as a child. We also learn more about Lilly’s familiar’s parentage.


I enjoyed both the mystery and the world-building in Hexes and Hemlines and look forward to the next book. There were some loose ends left but I presume those’ll get tied up in another book.

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