The Spawn of Lilith—Being a Stuntwoman in Hollywood is Hell

The Spawn of Lilith by Dana Fredsti book cover
The Spawn of Lilith by Dana Fredsti

The Spawn of Lilith, by Dana Fredsti, is an urban fantasy mostly told from the first person perspective of Lee Striga, stuntwoman extraordinaire. The only fully human member of the Katz Stunt Crew, Lee, after taking a near-lethal fall and gaining a fear of high-falls—the Katz crew’s speciality—is looking for some independent work.

1—Fighting for a Living

Most of the book is spent with Lee as she works her day job. Despite being surrounded by supernatural people, most of Lee’s days are down to earth—taking her turn on beer runs for the Crew, getting up early to beat traffic to her new job, going out with friends for a few drinks. But that day job is also fascinating—fight scenes galore (Lee’s speciality), behind-the-scenes gossip and insight, and did I mention the fight scenes? Ms. Fredsti describes well all that goes into making an on-screen fight happen. And the real fight at the end of the book isn’t bad either.

2—The Supernatural World

Lee’s world is filled with supernatural beings. A new friend who’s part succubus, a cop who’s also a banshee, a co-worker who’s half-demon, another co-worker who’s a werewolf. And of course Sean and Seth, the Katz’s of the Katz Stunt Crew, are descended from nephilim.

Most people don’t know about the supernatural people living alongside them, but Lee is in the know because she was raised by Sean after her parents died in a car crash when she was six.

3—Plot and Pacing

The plot takes a while to come to a head—like I said, most of the book is spent with Lee in her normal life—but the pacing still works thanks to the interspersed sections from the villains’ points of views. And also as said, Lee’s day-to-day is interesting. Work on small-budget films, interviewing to get a new agent, and of course the fight choreography. Lee also has a fun voice.


The Spawn of Lilith was a fun read and I will definitely be picking up the next book.

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