Captain Marvel—All is Not as it Seems

Captain Marvel movie poster
Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the origin story of the superhero. Vers, a Kree alien, wakes up with nightmares of a shapeshifting Skrull murdering someone important to her—not that she knows who, since she has amnesia. Her new mission takes her to a backwater plant the locals call Earth, where she just might find some answers to her past. This movie is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but nothing except the last scene is tied in with the larger plot, so the movie stands mostly on its own, taking place mainly in the 1990s.

1—The Setup

For the last six years Vers has been training as a member of Starforce, the Kree’s defenders. On her first mission, she gets captured by the Skrulls, breaks free, and crash-lands through the roof of a Blockbuster video rental. The Skrulls are in pursuit of her, and her only ally is a human S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent named Fury.

2—The Effects

The effects in Captain Marvel are top notch, everything from Vers’s plasma blasts to space flight, to the fight scenes is beautifully done. The Kree homeworld is stunning, not that we see much of it, just the city outside Vers’s window. The design of the Skrulls was good, as was the actual shapeshifting. And I particularly liked the cat.

3—Twists and Turns—Massive Spoilers in This Section!!!

The plot of Captain Marvel takes several twists—the most major one being that the Skrulls are a refugee species after the Kree destroyed their homeworld when the Skrulls declined to submit to Kree rule. That Vers’s mentor in Starforce is the one who killed the woman in her dreams, not a Skrull, and then kidnapped and brainwashed Vers, who now knows her name is Carol Danvers and that she is human, not Kree. And of course, there’s the cat who isn’t a cat. I thought everything was done well, with good plotting and pacing.


I loved Captain Marvel, even though I’ve stopped following the MCU at large. It was fun and intriguing, with a good emotional arc.

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