The Un-Book Report got a Liebster Award Nomination—It Sounds Like Fun

Liebster Award for the Un-Book Report, 2016
Liebster Award – discover new blogs!

So I got nominated for a Liebster Award by Blogferatu. I had to hide from the shock for a day, and then I actually read Blogferatu’s article on it and did a little research to find out what the Liebster Award is.

There are no judges and no one officially awards you a Liebster—getting nominated is getting it. So the way it works, more or less—as there is no official governing body there are no official rules—is that a blogger who gets nominated thanks the one who nominated them, and answers the eleven questions that blogger asked their nominees. Then the new winner nominates up to eleven other small blogs and asks their own questions.

I’ve already thanked Blogferatu in their comments, but do so again here—thanks Blogferatu! And I’m reposting my answer’s to his questions before going on to my own nominees and questions.

My Answers to Blogferatu’s questions:

  1. My favorite theater is Roxy Stadium 14 in Santa Rosa, simply because that’s the one I went and watched Ghost Rider (the first one) three times in after classes.
  2. Most overrated horror move…that’s a hard one, mostly because I don’t much bother to remember popular opinion of movies, just whether or not I liked it. I’d have to say Van Helsing, which I actually liked, I was expecting more from it after the SciFi Channel (that’s how they spelled it then) preview/backstage look I watched. I’m currently more excited than scared about the planned reboot.
  3. Most underrated horror movie: Son of Dracula from 1943. I don’t actually know what original reception the film received (wikipedia doesn’t say) but the ending seems wrong. Mostly because there’s no indication the hero will kill his now-undead love before he does it—I blame the movie moral codes for that. I’d love to see a remake that ends properly, with the two together in vampiredom.
  4. I refuse to watch any and all torture-porn movies. I’m a storyteller. I want a story. Not a vague excuse-plot for tons of pointless carnage.
  5. My favorite movie monster is still vampires, even after so much sparkle-fication. I have faith we’ll get good vampire monsters again.
  6. Favorite movie villain death: David, from The Lost Boys. All the other vampire deaths were so over-the-top but David’s had this tragic beauty—Kiefer Sutherland’s performance, great lighting, and the vocal refrain of the movie’s theme song all came together perfectly. Even Michael’s reaction to killing him. Max’s death runs a close second just for being the most over-the-top death—fence-post through the chest. Thanks, Grandpa!
  7. My favorite horror author is Rob Thurman. I love her Cal Leandros series and will be checking out the Trickster books soon.
  8. My favorite book of Ms Thurman’s so far is Downfall. I wrote a post about is for the full reason why, but the short answer is because I get three great endings. Also, we get to read from Robin’s POV for the first time.
  9. Best movie adaption: Legally Blonde. They improved upon the book, the book was kind of meh.
  10. Worst movie adaption: Blood Rein. Adapted from a video game, I went to see a vampire munching on Nazis. Instead it was a boring-as-hell origin story.
  11. Previews…mostly, just don’t spoil your own ending. While previews can intrigue me, I mostly rely on word-of-mouth these days. Trailers can be fun though.

The Un-Book Reporter’s Nominated Blogs

As I don’t actually know how find out how many followers a blog has, I’m just going to nominate the ones I think need more love, regardless of how much they’re already getting.

My Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite author (all-time or current) and what is it about them you love so much?
  2. Now what’s your favorite book/series and what’s the best thing about it?
  3. What’s your favorite podcast and why?
  4. What’s the scariest unexpected scary scene you’ve ever read/watched/listened to?
  5. Of the movie adaptations you’ve seen, what do you think was the best casting (whole show/movie or single character)?
  6. What was the latest, best piece of media (including books) that you consumed…or were consumed by?
  7. I’m drawn to stories about clever young women who forge their own paths—what are your favorite kind of stories or characters?
  8. List three or so examples of the above please.
  9. What’s the silliest thing you’ve recently done?
  10. When was the last time you just curled up and read a good book/watched a good movie?
  11. What was a book/movie/show/podcast that you were surprised you liked?

End Piece

I’d love it if my nominees would post their answers on this page, so I have them all collected in one place. If that’s not your thing though, that’s cool too. Either way, I wish you all further success.

4 thoughts on “The Un-Book Report got a Liebster Award Nomination—It Sounds Like Fun

  1. Congrats on your well-deserved Liebster award. Nice going!

    You posed some great questions. The best piece of media I’ve consumed recently is a re-read of All Quiet on the Western Front. I had read it as a teenager and, apparently, got nothing out of it because this time around it felt like I was reading the book for the first time. It’s beautifully written. No wonder it’s a classic.

    As for stories re: clever young women, does Nancy Drew count? I admired her when I was a kid because she was smart and determined and Got The Job Done.

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