Reading About Other People Reading

My current reading obsessions are several erieses of articles on Here they are.

The Lovecraft Reread

A series of articles wherein “two modern Mythos writers get girl cooties all over old Howard’s original sandbox”. Rithanna Emrys and Anne M. Pillsworth summarize a story and the comment on it. Both ladies have great commentary on the cosmic horror stories.

The Disney Read-Watch and On Fairy Tales

Both of these series of articles are by Mari Ness. In the Disney-Read-Watch, Ms. Ness first reads the original tale/s a particular Disney work was based on and comments on that, then the next week watches and comments on the Disney movie both on its own merits and in the light of having just read the inspirations for them.

After having completed the Disney Read-Watch, Tor suggested that Mari continue reading and commenting on fairytales. So she is.

Sleeps With Monsters

Liz Bourke takes a feminist perspective on books, movies, and even a video game. She also does interviews with authors and commentary on pervasive tropes.

Queering SFF

I haven’t gotten too far into this series of articles by Brit Mandelo, but so far they’re fascinating. Mostly reviews of book and interviews, but also some pure commentary pieces like her post on the power of language.

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